Subject: Tom looked down
Posted on: 2017-10-31 16:51:54 UTC

"Alright, then. I won't be sorry." He shrugged, and turned to Thoth. "Do you want to tell her?"

Thoth shrugged. "She will find out sooner or later if she really wants to, anyways." He turned to the nurse. "The fifteenth legion's story is not a happy one, and our doom was neither quick nor painless. We were accused of sorcery, the Wolves sent to our world to bring us back. As to whether the judgement were just... that is not for me to say."

"The orders were changed, telling the Wolves to destroy us. Our own primarch found the judgement just. He did not inform us of what was coming, lowered our defenses." He looked down again. "We tried to fight back. At first, it went well. But they had brought the Sisters of Silence with them. And as the battle wore one... more and more of my brothers succumbed to our defects."

"They called it the flesh-change. A menace accentuated by our psychic talents. Those who succumbed became... something I'd rather not think about. Death was preferable. And as our city burned and our brethren and citizens lay slaughtered in the streets... our primarch made a pact to save us. A pact that gave us our lives, and but cost us our pride and our freedom. We were taken to a new world, our powers amplified - and we had become servants of the Architect of Fate, choice or no."

Thoth looked down. "As the flesh-change grew worse... a group of us made an attempt to fix it. They failed, the ritual going horrifyingly awry. Most of our number were turned to dust, their souls fractured and trapped within their armor, becoming little more than mindless automatons, doomed to eternal torment." He looked back up, still seemingly distant. "I saw my brothers fall around me, cursed to a fate worse than death. A fate I myself narrowly escaped. That is what happened to me."

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