Subject: Tom nodded.
Posted on: 2017-10-29 19:35:22 UTC

"I might want one as well, actually..." He grabbed some more alcohol.

"Yes," said Thoth, softly. "Duty." He downed his drink, with noticeable haste. "Knowledge. Understanding. That is what makes life worth living. There is no higher calling then the persuit of knowledge. If I am to be a criminal, then that is my crime." It appeared he wasn't exactly talking to those around him.

Finally, his eyes focused on Gall. "I have no interest in your offer. And I do not think that you do either. Not for me. For the man whose paint I wear tonight, perhaps."

((Thoth is, I think, a rather solemn drunk...))

((I recall the EC's... tastes being outright stated. If they aren't, they're all but. Then again, a lot of what I read doesn't come from the novels, and GW's canon policy makes things murky at the best of times.

As for supersoldiers not being distracted by family ties... Don't tell The Salamanders, who maintain their families after becoming Astartes, and place a high value on family in general.

The Salamanders are basically the nicest guys in 40k this side of The Lamenters. They also really like fire.))

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