Subject: Ix looked around.
Posted on: 2017-11-09 19:38:37 UTC

"Charlotte? She's... around here somewhe—"

There was a sudden breeze, and Charlotte appeared beside them, her elegant gown held above her knees and her hair coming unpinned. "Is everything alright?" she asked, and then her nostrils flared. "You're bleeding!"

"Just little cuts, I'm fine, Lottie," Ix said, face turning red when Charlotte pulled her hands out of her pockets to inspect them.

"Jenni didn't bug you about healing them?"

"She did—Charlotte, I can take care of it myself, stop worrying so much," Ix said, pulling her hands away and shoving them back in her pockets.

Charlotte sighed and looked at Jenni. "Everything alright over here?"

((Charlotte has to spend a lot of time in FicPsych to get her badfic personality hammered out. I figure either she knows Jenni in passing or has seen her a couple of times, it's up to you."