Subject: Tom once again prepared two drinks
Posted on: 2017-10-28 11:03:15 UTC

He handed one to Thoth - who once again downed it - and a considerably less horrific one to Derik.

Thoth nodded to Gall. "I am Thoth, of the XVth legion Astartes, otherwise known as the Thousand Sons. I am - or was - the unwilling servant of the Architect of Fate, and have my origins in the Warhammer 40k continuum. My partner is Tom Andrews."

Tom bowed. "Tom Andrews, computational demonologist, at your service. I'd tell you where I'm from, but then my brain would fry. It seems there was only so much DoSAT could do about that."

((If you're curious, Tom's from the Laundry continuum. So he's not exaggerating: if he tells you where he's from or where he worked or anything of that sort, he'll probably start smoking. DoSAT loosened it a bit, but they could only do so much.))

((I can appreciate the Wolves for similar reasons - Vikings are cool, and I do have that same soft spot. And they're a good legion. But the Sons... ah, there's just a bit too much of the Sons in me for me to prefer anyone else. Because I want to know the universe, to understand it. And if I am to be guilty of any crime, I want it to be the pursuit of knowledge. I also share some of their flaws... :-(

As for it not being their fault... I kind of disagree. But I'm not going to get into the reasons why. But I also have a soft spot for villains who are doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. And many of the Sons fit that to a T, especially Ahriman.))