Subject: "It could be, but not always," Marina said.
Posted on: 2016-05-25 04:54:13 UTC

"Like I said it also covers things like Mad-Eye using metamorphosis against soemone. The catch in my world is that by trapping a human mind in a form which cannot handle it, you can destroy it. And there is the Obliviate spell. The human is considered so important, and mental damages are so terrible that there is two laws against black magic here, one against entering the mind of another person and another against any form of manipulation. You can project illusions at best. As for the time travel, imagine someone addicted to it, able and willing to use it against its foes, but cunning enough for not leaving traces. And, even if he's not cunning enough, imagine someone leaving all sorts of time paradoxes behind. I'm sure you can see how bad it would be."

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