Subject: If only Palutena were here, Cupid would've descended onto the stage in a pillar of light...
Posted on: 2016-05-22 19:22:53 UTC

But without a goddess to guide him, a fit of stumbling around trying to put himself in front of the mic would have to do.

Having told the name of the song to Valon, Cupid cleared his throat, and as the music began to play, he aimed a deliberate glance at Violet and hoped that his voice wasn't slurred. Though Sarah's temporary alcohol ban may have helped somewhat.

"I was so high I did not recognize

The fire burning in her eyes

The chaos that controlled my mind

Whispered goodbye as she got on a plane

Never to return again

But always in my heart, oh..."

Cupid's voice was almost angelic as he continued. Okay, it WAS angelic. Flapping his wings and tapping his toes to the beat, it was surprising to see that this normally alcoholic, scatterbrained youth could sing so well.

By the time the song ended, he bowed, spreading his wings one last time. If only Stephanie could see him now - Oh, wait.

((OOC: Inspired by this. Yes, that's Pit's VA doing the singing. ;D))

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