Subject: "I'm really sorry," Richard said. "Didn't want to offense anyone."
Posted on: 2016-05-21 18:27:15 UTC

"But... Twilight? But your eyes don't match... Oh, I heard about another vampire from this 'verse here, feeding on Sues, so I guess that explain this. I'm from World One, by the way. Sorry again. On the plus side, I guess you don't have too much to fear from glitterbags."

Marina smiled, though said smile didn't reach her eyes. "I'm a wizard from the Dresden Files, thank you very much. Now, this little joke was funny, but honestly? I'd take this show over your piece of White Court propaganda as a continuum of origin any day. Elementary logic is still logic."

"Uhm, what about your own continuum Ix?" If you don't mind the question, Richard said, trying to change the subject.

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