Subject: And then a whole crowd of agents poured into the room.
Posted on: 2016-05-17 22:13:09 UTC

These included, in order of entry, two maniraptorans (one in disguise), a humanized pegasus, an angel, a blue-haired Pokemon trainer, a disguised sphinx, a demon girl in chains, a Super, a blond Homs, a white-skinned fitness trainer, and bringing up the rear, a vampire, a soccer girl with hair on fire, and a creeper.

At the front of the crowd, Rayner was actually pushing a very obstinate armored bird - who, in his words, didn't "do well in crowds". Cupid and Lapis, meanwhile, were raring to go, the latter having brought her special homefic keepsake - a lyre shaped like Kyogre with the strings between its outstretched fins.

"I cannot believe I'm doing this," said Falchion. "Literally. Cannot."

"Hey, you said your author was a pretty good singer," said Lapis, plucking a few strings on her lyre experimentally. "So I figured the same could be said of you, and birds sing, anyway, so why not?"

"Only songbirds, though!" Falchion protested. "And besides, what if I embarrass myself in front of everybody?"

"Are you SURE that's gonna happen?" asked Cupid. "If anything, the one who's most likely to get laughed off the stage would probably be me! And Sarah made sure I didn't bring anything alcoholic today, not even Bleeport!"

"He will," said Rashida. "Trust me."

"My thoughts exactly!" said Falchion. "Just... I don't think I'm ready for this."

"Well then," said Rayner, winking at him. "I hope you enjoy Valon's disappointment."

Falchion could only groan.

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