Subject: Marina looked at Ix.
Posted on: 2016-05-21 20:21:54 UTC

"It's not a problem at all. Do you really think people would dislike you just because you were victim of a monster and survived? If wizards in your world think that way, that only means they're idiots. In my world, no kind of werewolf is 'contagious', so you would have ended up dead. The most similar thing we have in our were Red Court 'half-vampires', and the ones who were victims had founded their own organization against them. Most of them are dead, but since the Red Court vanished too, they'd said that was a fair deal."

"She's right," Richard said. "About the idiot part, I mean. There is no logic reason for being hostile at you. When in the Potterverse are you coming from?" He then turned to face Charlotte. "And you, for that matter? From what I understand, eating animals isn't exactly the first reflex of sparkelpires in this 'verse. No offense meant for you," he hastily added.

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