Subject: "I think it'll be fine."
Posted on: 2016-05-19 20:01:40 UTC

The Aviator watched, a grin slowly appearing on her face as Zeb burst into song, adding some impromptu dance moves along the way. "Kid's certainly excited," she commented, hiding a smile as she settled in to listen.

Her partner was good, though not incredible, but she still applauded loudly when he finished.

Of course, her grin promptly vanished when Zeb came running over to her. "You should sing next!" he said, putting his front paws on her knees. "It'll be fun!"

The Aviator made a face and lightly pushed him off. "No."

Zeb just started at the Aviator, giving her the best puppy eyes he could master. "Pleeeeeease?"

The Aviator just stared at him. "I told you, I'd only come if I didn't have to sing."

"Aw, come on! Look, look, look, how about this: one song. Just one. I get to pick it. And then you can go back to the RC and play with your TARDIS. Okay?"

Well. How could she resist that? "...Fine," the Aviator said, letting Zeb grab her jacket sleeve in his teeth and start pulling her to the microphone.

Wait, no, this was a bad idea, very, very bad idea. The Aviator glanced at the Librarian over her shoulder as she was pulled away, mouthing "Help me" as she left.

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