Subject: "Me, Kid Bacchus, Lil' Blue, and Knife Birb, at least," said Rayner.
Posted on: 2016-05-17 23:54:51 UTC

"My partner wanted to try but I worry she'd end up revealing some kind of ability to hypnotize people with her song and turn this whole thing into something out of a bad mega-crossover smutfic."

E.V.L. jabbed Rayner's ass with her tail tip, making him yelp. "Enough, Pony Boy."

"Hey, you insult me all the time! Why can't you just let me return the favor every once in a while?"

Lapis and Cupid joined them a moment later. "You must be Valon! Hi!" said Lapis. "We're from the DIC, and I'm friends with Rayner..."

"...and this, I assume, is that scorpion friend Steph mentioned," said Cupid. "You two do look like a lovely couple. A belated congrats on the wedding, by the way, and sorry I couldn't join the reception."

Rayner elbowed the angel lightly, but even he couldn't help but smile.

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