Subject: "So, maybe talking to Valon yourself is a good idea, right?" Cupid asked to Lapis.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 03:14:05 UTC

"Yeah, well, there's just one little problem," said Sarah. "Lapis' first reaction to just about anything is to panic. A lot."

She punctuated this by poking Lapis in the side, causing her to yelp in terror and nearly jump out of her chair.

"Sarah!" She glared at the older girl, but recomposed herself. "Anyway, yeah. I get scared easily and often. It's always been a thing with me, and I can't undo it. I'm not sure how Valon will take it..."

"Since when has that stopped her, though?" asked Cupid. "She's as loyal to the rest of us as Pit is to Lady Palutena, and have you seen her plan executions? If it weren't for her, Chakkik wouldn't be here with us!" He looked around. "Where is he, anyway? Is Steph with him?..."

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