Subject: Richard began a counting of his own.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 18:32:41 UTC

"Tragic is trajeck if it doesn't involve long-term emotional scars, and unless I suddendly became blind and deaf, it doesn't look like this tragic was pushed aside like nothing given the way she looked like on stage. Pain like this cannot be feigned.

Turning into a Time Lord may seem cool, but that also means new body with bizarre abilities and no ducking way to be prepared to these problems, leading to serious identity troubles, identity troubles not helped when the two following missions in a row were about a Time Lord Sue, especially a 'human' one looking like her. Upstairs could just as well have rigged her console to say 'you're a filthy Sue' and get the same result. Oh, and becoming an alien from another universe means kissing goodbye to World One and her whole family on the long term, family that she can potentially outlive down to the last generation now. Now that seems like a wonderful boon giving you no reason for angst.

And about the moment she took down Rose Potter: the ducking Flowers threw the mission at her feet, what was she supposed to do, refuse or die? And Zeb was a pure newbie at this moment, and nobody is screaming glitter here. Celebrity has more to do with more missions being available to the random folk like me, and she clearly don't get any advantage of it. I mean, the Flowers threw her into Little Miss Mary after she had shown signs of snapping, when their usual politic is forced stay in FicPsych, because they 'care about our sanity', if only for efficiency. Sending some Neo-Black Cats to gun her down in her sleep would have been just as much subtle. They threw that much things at her, and now she's punished for surviving this, when she's already broken by this? That would be like blaming Ix for being a werewolf.

As for TARDIS piloting, like you said she had centuries to get better, and if I understood gossip well, she came back fesh of the Time War, meaning daily do-or-die situation where dying a way which lets you regenerate is actually a stroke of luck if I get this right.

That looks like badfic stuff indeed. Keywords here are 'looks like', given the fact she never got nothing on a silver platter, and paid full-force for anything thrown at her. If anything it looks like more some god decided to have some sick fun torturing someone to oblivion, and she's supposed to be blamed for that? Like the Flowers would said, that's compost. Period. Harry Dresden got a similar roller-coaster of Hell in his own life, and you would have to be mad to call him a Gary Stu. No way I'm judging someone with a similar story differently."

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