Subject: Marina continued to avoid Charlotte's eyes.
Posted on: 2016-05-21 18:48:51 UTC

"Could you please trying to stop that? I would prefer to not discovering if I can trigger a soulgaze with this disguise on, thank you very much." She then composed herself and turned in the way of Ix. "Yes, I'm a wizard. Although magic follow... different rules in my world. If you except evocation, the quick and dirty use of power in combat, most of the spells need quite a preparation, materials, a focus and power, so no turning people into weasels with a twig there. And there is Laws about what you cannot do with magic on humans, lest your soul be corrupted bit by bit until you become a raving psychopath only deserving death. And metamorphosis like the one I talked about would be breaking the second of these laws, for example."

"I recommend the series if you're searching urban fantasy," Richard said, sounding more cheerful, "Butcher do quite an interesting work with it, and some variations on the theme of classic monsters like vampires, werewolf... And the snark is wonderful. Now that's good first-person prose."

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