Subject: "Edward's soulmate?" Richard asked.
Posted on: 2016-05-21 20:53:11 UTC

"So she was a stalking psychopath? More seriously, werewolves are still ill-viewed after Voldemort's death? What's the problem with wizards in this 'verse?"

"Too easy way to reach power," Marina said. "Having a twig which let them do anything, provided they have got some vocal chords, must let them feel almighty and haughty, present company excluded. And my problem is with vampires, most of them who are card-carrying murderers, especialy in my world, although I couldn't have discovred magic without that Renfield. Now, if I found a vampire who genuinely hated the way his life is, it could be different, but if you forget the half-vampires I mentionned, the other vampires gain their powers through murder of another person, or are so twisted that nothing is left from the person they were. As for my origins, I'm not sure exactly."

"To be fair, most of the White Court vampires don't seem to know anything about the supernatural world before their first kill, most often an involontary one," Richard said, "Their parents think the trauma make them better predators. And if you want a sympathic vampire, you have Harry's half-br— Whoops, spoilers," Richard said, putting his hand before his mouth.

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