Subject: Taldaris looked up.
Posted on: 2016-05-18 03:35:26 UTC

He struggled to touch the Aviator's mental signature with his own psionic presence. The events of the past few days had drained him of energy and had thrown him off balance, as if he had suddenly been robbed his his sight.

"Yes," he said via telepathy, broadcasting his answer through multiple mental channels in hopes that it would reach the Aviator's ears. "Fire Flash dragged me here. Said that I needed to, and I quote, 'relax and have fun'. I do see her point and will do my best to interact with others, but it is... difficult."

The High Templar took a seat next to her. Unfortunately, being over three metres tall, he didn't fit very well in his seat. Nevertheless, he tried to make himself comfortable. "May I ask how your day has been?"

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