Subject: Richard tried to calm down.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 19:52:18 UTC

"Yes, the Flowers are always right, and treat all the Agents the same way... Oh wait, they didn't rise a leaf when Nume came back as sole sane survivor of the Subjugation debacle. Suicide and Diocletian came back years later, and it didn't went much farther than stern warnings from Captain Dandy and probation. Same situation later? Whole Board on the case, with potential sentences nowhere near the standard set for any similar cases before, up to including a measure which would have been not disguised at all execution. And I'm pretty sure Agents reacted that way because now the Flowers are just sending us to the grinder without even caring about most basic efficiency. There is point where even the Laws of Narrative Comedy back down. And because the guy handling her reports just decded to hand down pretty much everything. I'm pretty sure any other agent ending up with the same public record would have ended up with similar support if people got to know what they're going through. I know I would have supported anyone in the same situation.

And there is this guy who pulled the Time Lord stunt first. Tawaki, right? He didn't get the tenth of the flak she got when he pulled this off, and ended up with a TARDIS he could fly perfectly without any form of training as if it was perfectly natural, handling these transfrmations around like free candies and he never was worried. Making up for lost time by double tapping the next people to do this doesn't feel right by any stretch of imagination for me."

Emphasis on tried. He then sighed heavily. "Sorry. You've got nothing to do with that, and fact is some things like geting her TARDIS back could have raised the glitter level, and they settled only for probation and tracker, at least I think... It's just like... That's beyond unfair. We're all doing things who are pretty crazy by the standards of our home-'verse just by being here, and we're not getting glitter levels off the charts. Besides, remember when I mentioned Dresden? Out of context, even a fraction of his whole story would be enough to get all the C-CADs we've got here blowing up, but taken inside his story? Perfectly credible and awesome story. We're ready to tolerate this sort of things for canon characters, but agents with similar problems and valid reasons? Glitters. Guess I'm still childish on the edges when it comes to this sort of things. I cannot imagine she deserved even half of this, so I get furious when I think about it. No one deserves this. We've got a right to happiness, duck it! Or at least for something else than constant torture until snapping."

"You're right, that is childish," Marina said. "Life is out for doing its worst at people. Only thing left is accepting this and moving forwards. You hate this? Do something about it. It probably won't succeed but it's that or whining."

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