Subject: "I do," Richard said.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 20:44:17 UTC

"And, excuse the trolling, but if going after two Legendaries isn't a big deal, why getting up at her like this? More seriously, usual records about these things always have been a mess. Land Before Time? Repeated updates led to constant missionning for a while. Clbr**n? One of the agents die, his wife go to get him back, and they earn this happiness bonus both of you talked about. Subjugation? I'm pretty sure everyone know about this one in HQ. It's not like Legendaries are missions that end up smoothly. I mean, they are designated as Legendaries after all. I'd also want to point out that for Little Miss Mary, only important thing left was getting Snape and Harry out of their plothole and neuralyzing them. A cakewalk compared to this horror.

But that's not why I'm doing this, neither because I think she's some hero needing special care. This would go beyond Suvian. I do this because I think that us agents are alone against these 'Purfecter-than-U' abominations, and if we cannot count on each other, then we've got no one left. We aren't heroes by any stretch of imagination. We're just misfits left to the mercy of sadistic talking plants pitted against the worst these worlds can offer. We're the only people left who can care, and I honestly hope I'd care as much for any other agent in this situation. I'd prefer not adding hypocrisy to my other defaults."

"If somebody points a C-CAD out at you after that and it blows up, you cannot say you didn't do anything to provoke it," Marina said.

((I... should stop this, right?))

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