Subject: Navare crossed his arms, sitting down on a nearby chair.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 11:59:16 UTC

"A Device, with a capital D," he said. "You see, where I come from, some people have an organ called 'Linker Core', which allows them to gather and use mana — think of it as ambient energy. Those people are mages or knights and the use — magic. What we call 'spells' are actually mathematical calculations. Some people make the necessary calculations by themselves; however, the majority use Devices for that purpose." The mage smiled. "All Devices are, essentially, AIs. How much personality they have depends on their type; Storage Devices have the least, while Unison Devices have the most. Apparaat here" — Navare tapped his breast pocket, from which a chain was protruding — "is roughly equivalent to a Belkan Armed Device. She wouldn't be quoting poetry any time soon, but she's hardy and dependable."
"She's a horrible bore, you mean," Amris piped up, coloured red.

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