Subject: The Doktor was tuning up his sousaphone...
Posted on: 2016-05-18 20:46:38 UTC

When he looked over the bell and gestured wildly. "Ach! Zeb! Vhat ein pleasure it ist beink to be seeink you again! It has been far, far too long ein time since ve have shared ein Poffin und pondered zer nature of zer universe! At least, zat vas vhat I vas doink, I am thinking zat Gabrielle vas preoccupied vizz goink ein funny colour -- meine kleine Gabrielle, vhy are you goink even redder?"

"NOTHING IT'S NOT A BLUSH YOU CAN'T PROVE IT-" Gabrielle saw Zeb herself and faltered for a moment. "Um. I'm... I'mma go get the big lady. With the stripy clothes. From over there."

"On zer uzzer side of zer Auditorium?"

"Yup," Gabrielle squeaked before dashing off at almost supersonic speeds.

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