Subject: "Yes, I guess you really need to—"
Posted on: 2016-05-19 19:11:58 UTC

Richard stopped speaking for a short moment. "You're agent Desdendelle?" he continued, a bit in awe.

Marina raised one brow. "Is there any reason you look like this?"

"Well, amongst the Floaters in service whose the reports are available he's easily the veteran. Three or four years in this place, with some really horrible missions, so he does deserve some respect in my opinion. Reading his reports also hooked me up on the magical girls animes from Nanoha and Madoka... Euh, sorry I'm being really rude speaking about you like this. And keeping you here."

Marina looked a bit curiously at the cyborg "So, you're the guy we can thank for getting this wonderful trollfic? No offense, but that was quite the ride, though I guess this place was quite a ride for you, judging by your state. Anyways, what was the problem with your partner? I could swear I saw him paling when my techbane problem was aborded."

((The fic I'm talking about is still in the making, and Crawling Chaos, it kills me more inside every time I see it.))

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