Subject: The first few notes began to play...
Posted on: 2016-05-20 16:48:20 UTC

...and Lapis began strumming her lyre to the music. The melody seemed to dissolve her stage fright. Now all she needed was a special friend.

She took out a Poké Ball and threw it into the air. "All right, Triton! The floor is yours!"


As the music continued, the Oshawott started spraying beautiful jets of water into the air, making sure to aim them away from any electronic equipment. Lapis smiled, and then she sang.

"I messed up tonight, I lost another fight, I still mess up but I'll just start again... I keep falling down, I keep on hitting the ground, I always get up now to see what's next..."

The performance went beautifully. The water spray seemed to form shapes in the air, of Pokémon dancing and frolicking to the music. The final "Try everythiiiing..." was marked by a beautiful rainbow over Lapis' and Triton's heads.

The blue-haired girl bowed, and then realized she was staring down a live audience . Without waiting for everyone's reactions, she recalled her Oshawott and ran screaming from the stage.

"Well done, Lapis!" Sarah clapped her partner on the back when she returned to her seat.

"Please stop it," she replied, even though she was smiling broadly herself. "I'm already in enough trouble as it is!"

((If you haven't listened to "Try Everything", please do. It's amazing.))

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