Subject: Agent Alleb beamed as she walked into the Really Very Tiny Auditorium. Agent Jesse scowled.
Posted on: 2016-05-21 19:28:00 UTC

"Why're we doin' this again?" he asked, moodily strumming his well-worn guitar. "Don't we have missions to do, 'n stuff?"

"Because, Sir Jesse," Alleb said, practically skipping. "it will be fun!"

Jesse snorted. "Fun for you, maybe."

Alleb's smile grew a little wider. She looked out over the assembled group, to the stage. "Should we play now, do you think?" she asked, readjusting her grip on her flute case. "There is no one up--" She cut herself off, staring at a specific person in the crowd. "Oh, dear..."

"What?" Jesse asked, then followed her line of sight. His scowl turned itself into a wolfish grin with uncomfortable alacrity. "Y'know, Alleb, I think you're due for a doctor's appointment."

Alleb rounded on her partner. "Sir Jesse, if you even think about--"

"HEY DOC!" Jesse shouted, already starting towards the Doktor. "HOW YA DOIN'?"

Alleb set her teeth, sighed, then followed her partner as one walking to her doom.


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