Subject: The wild Lapis fled!
Posted on: 2016-05-18 23:09:17 UTC

Well, she got the message as soon as Rayner whispered in her ear what Kala had told him a while back: that Valon and children don't mix well.

Which left Cupid and Sarah, Rashida, Rayner and E.V.L., and Whitney and Backslash to address Valon and Kala.

"Nice to meet you too! And don't worry about Steph, she and I are totally cool with each other. Though our dates could stand to use less badfic interrupting..."

"What happened?" asked Backslash. "Did you two do any cool back to back figh-"

"Stephanie. Hates. Fighting." Cupid sulked, regretting that Sarah had forbidden him from bringing any Bleeport. "And for the record, it was just Naruto replacing Kimihito in a 'rewrite' of Monster Musume. Not my usual, but what can you do?"

"I guess I haven't introduced myself," said Sarah, turning to Valon. "I'm Sarah Squall, formerly Stratogale. My brother-" she pointed her thumb at Falchion - "told me about you two a while ago. I was also at your wedding, but we didn't meet in person. So yeah. Hi!"

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