Subject: Ix looked from Marina to Charlotte and back.
Posted on: 2016-05-21 20:34:39 UTC

"You didn't exactly like Lottie," she said quietly.

Charlotte rolled her eyes. "Ix, loads of people don't like me because I'm a sparklepire," she said derisively. "I wouldn't worry about it. And the both of us are from fics," she said, turning to Richard. "I was a bit comic relief BFF for a Sue destined to be Edward's soulmate, and Ix here was from an unfinished angstfic. Dunno how she ended up being such a little ball of sunshine."

"Shut up," Ix mumbled.

"And she mentioned she was a year above one Mister Teddy Lupin," Charlotte added in a sing-song voice, giving Ix a playful grin.

Ix's cheeks burned. "I said shut up!"

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