Subject: "And I didn't even see a vampire up close until some years later."
Posted on: 2016-05-24 18:44:02 UTC

"And it was the one who had created the Renfield to boot. Turned about, this one had created this Renfield and several others to get the police and my master off his back to make his escape." Marina grimaced. "Anyways, that was when he learnt about me. A week later, more or less, he was in our living room, speaking about magic, and 'asking' to take me as his apprentice, underlining how I had doged another bullet back in this alley. Remember when I talked about the Laws of magic in my 'verse? Killing a human is the first one. The only reason I got away with this was because a Renfield's mind is destroyed when he's created, meaning there is nothing really human left. Otherwise, it would have been judgement and decapitation. And even with that, he wasn't so sublte about stressing the fact this apprenticeship was also a probation of some sort."

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