Subject: "A fancy weapon does not a good warrior make."
Posted on: 2016-05-22 13:34:10 UTC

Taldaris glanced over to Amris. "And the flashiest armaments tend to fail just as often, if not more than a proper soldier's weapon. I would prefer to take a solid, reliable weapon over the latest technological gizmo."

He lifted his right forearm, which was encased in a plain gold bracer. Several motifs were etched around a polished blue gem set on the top, but the piece of armour was otherwise smooth and polished to a mirror shine. "Take this psi-blade for example. A simple sword for a simple soldier-- nothing more, nothing less. Any proper warrior can concentrate to channel their psi in order to produce a coherent blade. Portable ranged weapons are a rarity among my people but... ages of conflict have shown us that the oldest ways are sometimes the best."

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