Subject: "Sweet Philemon, that's her?" Richard said, surprise showng on his face.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 17:34:40 UTC

"I... wasn't sure about it but— stop. Focus. No fanbratting. She clearly doesn't need this. Or anybody here, for that matter."

"Richard, what's this reaction?" Marina said, "Reminds me the way you acted at the end of our discussion with this cyborg, Desdendelle."

"Simply put? I admire her. The Flowers threw almost anything at her, and she's still here. She and Zeb are on of the two teams having taken down two Legendary badfics. The reports about her missions were one of the main thing which led me to go to Freelance. I thought about the Floaters Division for a moment, before remembering I wouldn't stomach potential Bad Slash. And I honestly think that's glitter story is duckheck."

"Well, she clearly didn't get any advantage out of these missions. She looks like some of the survivors of the worst part of the war with the Red Court. Is glitter level fueled by pain or what?"

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