Subject: Charlotte raised an eyebrow.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 18:51:13 UTC

"Looks like I struck a nerve there," she said at last. "You know, the Flowers weren't too pleased when she stole the TARDIS and ran off and a bunch of agents jumped to her defense, either. She broke a ton of rules and a load of people hero-worship her. Sounds like Aura of Smooth to me." She crossed her arms. "If you ask me, they were right to put that tracker on her. I'm not saying she's a Sue... yet. But it doesn't look right to me. Especially since she's got a pretty high glitter count as it is; say what you will about her past, but that sends up a big red flag to me. And unless every single one of the CADs used to scan her was malfunctioning, she's got a pretty high glitter count last I heard."

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