Subject: "It's pretty standard in fact," Marina shrugged.
Posted on: 2016-05-24 19:52:55 UTC

"Using black magic, even accidentaly, will taint your mind, driving you to use it more and more until there is nothing left of it. And between the fact there is too many people in the world to monitor, it can become ugly pretty quick. It leads to a pretty brutal way to deal with the problem, the only exceptions are when the use is 'justified', like killing someone in self-defense, or if the potential warlock surrenders himself of his own will. But even there, there is still the need for another wizard to accept to take the convict as an apprentice, and make sure he doesn't turn again to black magic, or he's killed. And his mentor too, if the apprentice is still with under his direct care at the moment. They call this the Doom of Damocles. Even if there was no technical ground to use this with me, you could say I was pretty lucky here."

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