Subject: Des looked around.
Posted on: 2016-05-19 18:46:44 UTC

"Go on, Librarian," he told his partner, "I know this sort of thing bores you. I think that's the Aviator over there?" He pointed at the Time Lady, who was seemed like she was having a bad day.
With a puzzled shrug, the Librarian left the small group and Des turned his attention back to the conversation.
"I'm Desdendelle — Des — and that's the Librarian," the cyborg said. "I'd say pleased to meet you but I'm kinda fond of my brain. Anyway, short version, since I've said this already: most of me is a machine. Right now, I'm closer to a droid than to a proper meatbag. Fortunately you can replace cybernetic body parts, but unfortunately, my brain is also about... seventy percent? If I remember correctly, anyway — seventy percent electronics and stuff. So yeah, no, I'll skedaddle. I'd like to keep my memories."

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