Subject: "On the other hand, that's why I talked about your home 'verse that way," Marina said.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 06:35:22 UTC

"The sneaky geniuses behind Dracula's publication? They're psychic vampires feeding themselves by making humans around them feel emotions like lust, fear and despair, and they're don't shy about manipulating people to make their feeding easier, by using films for example. Remember how 'love' looks like in Twilight and do the maths. And I guess the vampires here are indestructible both for ego-stroking and dissuadng resistance. I don't know what would be the worst about this book and the other that were 'inspired' by it. People wrote and edited them straight, or some monster pushed them on the front side?"

Richard smiled back at Ix. "She and the other members of Team RWBY. and JNPR. You know what? It would be easier listing characters I don't like in this show. We also went in for a mission not long ago.."

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