Subject: "Don't know exactly," Marina shrugged.
Posted on: 2016-05-24 10:03:47 UTC

"There is only hundreds of wizards in the White Council, but we're only a very small part of the humans with magic powers, most of them with way fewer powers, or not aware of them or worst, doing black magic. And I hope people don't mostly discover them because they're being attacked by someone or something." She then continued, eyes frowned. "However, the fact they kicked you out isn't logic. You say it's because you're... what you are, but they should have known and acted earlier if it was the case. I guess they keep track of this condition in your Ministery, and the recruiters should have discovered it when you sent your candidature. I don't believe for a moment they just discovered it out of the blue like this, well after you recruiteùent."

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