Subject: "Well, it's more educated guess than anything," Marina shrugged.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 07:57:39 UTC

"I mean, there's no proof, but it does fit their modus operandi. And actually, these guys are rather on the low end of the supernatural food chain, they make up for this with manipulation and organization. Seems like my author does like writing worlds with a high power level."

Richard made a face at Ix's answer. "If 'interesting' means an obnoxious, emo, hyper-arrogant wreck mocking basic rules of the 'verse, with a fixation against Ozpin and badly written weapons who at least provided a quick way to deal with him, yes it was. But I guess that gong in a Harry Potter badic must have been quite the surprise. Marina ended up with the same problem for her first mission, and her hexing pretty much sent us there right after se had arrived at our RC. That made for an intense first mission. At least you're from the bookverse, so I guess you've got less chance of seeing your actual world being butchered, even if it feels weird to you." He then listened for a few moments at the Aviator's song before sighing. "Well, that's quite sad. Beautiful but sad."

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