Subject: Two newcomers entered the Auditorium.
Posted on: 2016-05-18 02:20:40 UTC

The shorter of the two, a yellow MLP-verse Earth pony with an orange-streaked red mane, stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the assembled agents, causing her protoss partner to stumble over her.

"This. Is. Awesome!" she exclaimed, hopping excitedly in place. "There's so many people here!"

"Fire Flash. Watch where you stop," said the High Templar telepathically as he stepped over her. "One must ensure that room entries and exits are clear at all times." He straightened out his black tunic and turned his glowing blue eyes at the crowd. Despite the lack of a mouth, he grimaced as he struggled to tap into the psychic presence generated by the assembled agents.

Fire Flash looked up at him. "Taldaris," she said, "it's not the time to practice your psychic things. I brought you here to have fun, not for you to grumble. So c'mon, lighten up and join me! We can totally rock this crowd. With my voice and your... telepathy... thing... um. We'll make this work. We'll turn that frown of yours upside down! Even if you can't actually smile!"

"Easy for you to say," he replied. "You are not the one who has had to alter their entire way of life. I will go meditate in the back of the room. Call me if you need me."

As Taldaris wandered away, Fire Flash rolled her eyes. "Suit yourself," she muttered grumpily before trudging towards the stage. She then noticed Ami out of the corner of her eye. Overjoyed at seeing another native to her home continuum, she dashed up next to her and skid to a halt in a clatter of steel shoes and Canterlot day guard armour. "Heya!" she said cheerfully. "Nice to see someone else from home! What's your name? I'm Fire Flash!"

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