Subject: Richard's eyes squinted at the last sentence.
Posted on: 2016-05-22 21:40:47 UTC

"You know what? You had won this with the first part of your arguments. Oh, I could have said something about these, like the fact seeing herself like a Sue led to thinking she had to prove herself, leading to a vicious circle, but fact is you were right here. Nobody is perfect, especially not the glitterbags, but everybody should do its best, and accept life is unfair. Duck, I was even ready to let the first one pass, even if I know that refusal to see a shrink can hide an actual matter. But let me get this straight: never suggest again something I only care about famous people. I refuse to let someone say I'm that shallow I'd just let someone in the gutter without reacting because I don't know him. If I was really that uncaring, I wouldn't be in here in the first place."

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