Subject: Fire Flash smiled broadly.
Posted on: 2016-05-19 17:31:12 UTC

"Oh, absolutely!" she said, looking around. "We'd just need a head count, and someone to send a message, and... and..." She took a deep breath. "Oh, right. Did we intr— yeah, we introduced ourselves. So, where are you from? I'm all the way from Vanhoover, hence the scarf!" She pointed at the article of clothing in question that was peeking out from under her armour's harness with a hooftip. "Alright, so maybe the scarf isn't necessary since we're mostly indoors all the time, but I think it looks good on me. So, er..."

The pony realized she wasn't waiting for Ami's response. She then tried to stand still for a minute and waited for an answer with a smile on her face.

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