Subject: Fire Flash struggled to raise her hoof to meet the hand.
Posted on: 2016-05-20 15:00:41 UTC

With her armour restricting her mobility and the height difference between the two agents, it proved to be an arduous task. She eventually gave up and curtsied instead, crossing one of her front legs over the other and doing a quick bob.

"Pleased to meetcha!" she said enthusiastically. "Always lovely to meet new folks. How are y'all doing today?" In almost the same breath, she turned to Ami and answered her question. "Vanhoover is awesome! It's by the ocean so the weather is kinda wet all the time but it's nice and constant and come winter we get snow and--" Fire Flash took a deep breath before continuing. "And we're right up next to the mountains and the big pine forests of the north so we go skiing and hiking in the winter and... yeah! Oh, and they say that they're planning to lay down railroad tracks that'll go even further north and cut through the Crystal Mountains! That'll make for a good vacation, right? Yeah, so, I'm excited and how about you?"

She flashed another large smile again and hoped in Celestia's name that her verbal tsunami she hadn't scared the other pony off. Maybe Taldaris had a point when he was telling her to calm down.

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