Subject: "What? Oh no," Marina said.
Posted on: 2016-05-24 17:41:40 UTC

"It's just that... Remember when I talked about killing someone? I was getting back from high school when I witnessed someone being aggressed, by a man. I didn't have to do much more though, since this man stood up and saw me..." Marina shuddered. "He just looked freaking crazy, a bloody knife in his hand, and ran at me, screaming like mad. I was deadly scared, wishing for something to just stop him, and he ended up getting crush on the ground by some sort of invisible force. And he was still moving — well, crawling — forwards, with the same mad look, even if he was clearly dying. I ran away pretty fast after that, trying to forget that crazy thing. Later, I learnt he was a Renfield, a human whose the mind had been destroyed by a Black Court Vampire to turn in him in some killing machine with no sense of self-preservation." She sighed heavily "If I hadn't used magic, I would have been dead. And I would have been seeing whatever afterlife my world has got in stock. If there is even one."

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