Subject: Marina avoided the other woman's gaze, unwilling to risk a soulgaze.
Posted on: 2016-05-21 17:46:35 UTC

"Is there any reason for this?" Richard asked, a bit surprised.

"Blunt version? I would like to know what she is. Now, I guess if she was dangerrous, she wouldn't be here, but my old job gave me some habits."

Richard eyed Charlotte a bit more, noting the pale skin, the perfect body... "She's probably a reformed Sue. Or someone who got really lucky with her looks."

"Richard, I met White Court Vampires, Faes, a few shapeshifters, and even some Red Court Vampires before arriving in this place. I know the difference between 'too-beautiful-to-be-true' human and 'too-beautiful-to-be-true'... other."

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