Subject: Falchion laughed, a little uncomfortable.
Posted on: 2016-05-18 23:09:39 UTC

"Well, I'm guessing your partner told you about me beforehand? Huh. A-anyway, I'm only singing because Rayner wanted me to. I do have a few songs in mind myself, but I kinda don't like performing in front of crowds..."

"Yeah, but have you SEEN his author?" asked Lapis, joining the two of them. "From what Falc told me, while he doesn't exactly sing for people, but he HAS presented papers at conferences - and once he gets over his initial stage fright..."

Falchion covered his face with his wing, snickering. "Well, heh, the problem is that I'm not the same as him. But eh, I'll wait until the time comes. Good luck with your performance, I guess!"

(EDIT: Falc is no longer disguised. Continue as you wish :3)

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