Subject: "Well, that's useless," Centorea muttered, sticking her new suit of armor away.
Posted on: 2017-02-25 02:36:47 UTC

She thought about digging for a new one, then realized that would hold the current round up too long. "Hey, Orc-"

"His name is Davug," Virro interrupted distractedly.

"Davug, then, switch with me. You check armor, I'm gonna loot a weapon." She walked over to the weapons rack and began doing exactly as she had said she would. Davug glared at her, but did what she had suggested. At that moment, he sorely wished he could have done something else, but it was, admittedly, far more practical to go looking for armor than anything else. Virro, who had been looking at the map, made sure to memorize what he had seen. He turned to the chest, and tried to see if there were any more scrolls or potions in the chest that he might take, particularly necromantic ones or ones that might help him gain some control of his magic in those instances where it flared too powerfully for him to control.

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