Subject: Priya cursed in her native language, flickering her forked tongue.
Posted on: 2016-12-17 19:41:22 UTC

She had been hoping to join in on this adventure the moment she heard of what was to come, but a lot of preparations and even more bureacracy had delayed her for far too long. She had a lot of ground to cover before even thinking of jumping into what she figured would be a climactic final boss battle.

Her tail curled around the staff of her weapon as she regarded the bodies littering the area. Would they attack her? Did anyone else in this dungeon have the power to resurrect the lifeless corpses? She couldn't tell. She was ready to battle if she had to, but at least there was more than one exit route, and she could easily fight her way through any attempt to block it off.

Thinking nothing of it, Priya tasted the air around her, and decided to head for the secret passageway as soon as she looted this room. Besides, if someone had accessed it recently, their scent trail must still be fresh. With that in mind, she made a beeline for the greatsword - after all, there's no such thing as being too armed...

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