Subject: Horribly, horribly late, but here's mine.
Posted on: 2016-12-13 23:14:32 UTC

Name: Priya Kadru

Gender: Female

Race: Lizardman - Dry Skin - Tough Scales

Class: Fighter - Weapons Master

Health: 25 (15 + 10)

Anything Else: Priya is more snakelike than other lizardmen, having a relatively long neck, short but strong arms, and a serpentine lower half with vestigial back legs; she has to rear up, cobra-style, to "stand" at eye-level to people. Priya can subdue her enemies via constriction and a powerful bite, though as a Weapons Master, her preferred weapon is a monk's spade with both blades honed to razor-sharp edges; given her short arm-reach, she often wields it using her muscular, prehensile tail.

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