Subject: Introducing Xiv'riit.
Posted on: 2016-11-26 01:14:55 UTC

Name: Xiv'riit

Gender: N/A

Race: Shardmind- Being of Crystal - Nat. Psion (Fate Seer)

Class: Hedge Mage- Cleric

Health: 28 (18+10)

Anything Else: An amorphous psionite formed within the lattices of the Lazarus Scar. The facets which form Xiv'riit's current matrix coalesced centuries ago- quite how old is irrelevant (and unclear), though it has been obviously been alive for a very long time.

Xi is rather eccentric despite its age. It alters its habit, or morphology, depending on how it wishes to present itself, becoming short and squat to act unassuming, or tall and thin to intimidate. Every action, no matter how strange, has a purpose.

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