Subject: Bellas dropped several bags as she entered The Last Bastion, stretching when they hit the ground.
Posted on: 2017-02-09 16:04:34 UTC

"Yeesh, doesn't that horse know how to pack lightly?" She asked to no one in particular. She then begun work on enchanting her Bow.

It was at about this moment that a smell hit her. It was definitely Tea, but it was the innate Tea-ness of the smell that caught her attention. To Tl;Dr the feelings it brought along, it was nostalgic, and comforting. She knew of only one Tea-maker that made Tea like this.

"Oi! Old Man!" Bellas said, waving to the Shardmind in question.

No reaction.

"The Tea's getting cold!"

Where one Uriel Seraphim once was there was now a simple cloud of dust.

"This Tea is not getting cold," The Shardmind said, examining the Tea Stand. He turned to where the voice came from, a raging fire in his eyes, quite literally in fact. Said fire died down almost immediately when he saw who stood there. "Ah, Miss Schwarz, it is a pleasure."

"Same, how long has it been? A year? Two?"

"You last visited my shop a week ago."

"Ooo treasure room," Bellas said, running off towards said room.

Uriel simply shrugged and walked after her.

((Bellas begins enchanting her Bow. Uriel searches the treasure room.))

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