Subject: General and Q&A stuff.
Posted on: 2016-11-24 17:30:50 UTC

If you have any questions, reply to this post with them and I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Now, for the general running of this RP. This RP will work in 'Rounds', these Rounds will generally last 24 hours (although if everyone has posted before then I'll move the Round on in advance). Each Round you are required to leave at least 1 Reply in the relevant area stating your action for this Round, talking and generally interacting with other PC's and Friendly NPC's is a free action, you don't need to state you're doing it, just do it (and who knows they may respond in kind).

If you are exploring, or looking for treasure tell me what you are looking for, so I can then (hopefully) give it to you if the Dice Gods allow it. Most enemies will drop loot and I will let you know what they've dropped when they die/are erased from existence.

Don't come to this if you expect it to be really serious a) we're the PPC, b) this is me. It's going to be slightly wacky and not very serious. The Fourth Wall may be broken a couple of times and various references to various games/stuff may be included. You have been warned.

If you've managed to get this far down, well done (doubly so if you've read all the other beginning posts). Now, onto some actually game-y bits. This will probably be repeated when I start the first Round, but listen to the tale. Your tale...

"You are a group of fresh-faced adventurers, believing you can take on anyone, or anything. You have heard tale of the great Dragon Paarnax and his hoard, hidden amidst the treacherous caverns of the Bore-Hole. Wanting to prove yourselves as true adventurers you have grouped up and set off to kill this dragon and claim his hoard for yourselves. You have heard tales of how large the hoard Paarnax has that it can no longer be contained within his lair alone. Instead he has spread it through out the Bore-Hole, protected by a legion of monsters that swear fealty to the Dragon himself. You have also heard tale of how adventurers before you have fallen not just to this legion of monsters but also to the very caverns themselves, with various chambers seemingly created specifically to trap and kill any who wander into them. Undaunted you have set out, not knowing what you will face but determined you will make it to the bottom and kill the great Dragon Paarnax..."

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