Subject: "Do you want me to take a look at that?" Virro asks Davug.
Posted on: 2016-12-30 15:36:32 UTC

The Orc shakes his head in reply, then says, "Heal quickly. Will be gone soon." He picks up the Mace lying on the floor. At least the Combat Bonus is the same as the one he received from his sword. He decides he'll keep whatever shards he can salvage, both for their sentimental value and because random shards of metal might come in handy some time. This is a dungeon, after all. Things like that happen all the time. After doing this, he goes to petition Xiv'riit for his help. Meanwhile, Virro has taken the Necromancer's Robe from Shaban, then starts talking (rather loudly) through the door, hoping there's still somebody on the other side to hear him. Should there be anybody in the next room, he attempts to persuade them that the are not, in fact, enemies, and that, if they would be so kind as to step away from the door, he will open it so that both parties can get a good look at each other.

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