Subject: Round 1 - The Beginning...
Posted on: 2016-11-26 12:45:10 UTC

"You are a group of fresh-faced adventurers, believing you can take on anyone, or anything. You have heard tale of the great Dragon Paarnax and his hoard, hidden amidst the treacherous caverns of the Bore-Hole. Wanting to prove yourselves as true adventurers you have grouped up and set off to kill this dragon and claim his hoard for yourselves. You have heard tales of how large the hoard Paarnax has that it can no longer be contained within his lair alone. Instead he has spread it through out the Bore-Hole, protected by a legion of monsters that swear fealty to the Dragon himself. You have also heard tale of how adventurers before you have fallen not just to this legion of monsters but also to the very caverns themselves, with various chambers seemingly created specifically to trap and kill any who wander into them. Undaunted you have set out, not knowing what you will face but determined you will make it to the bottom and kill the great Dragon Paarnax...

Entering the first chamber, you see a sight that surprises you. Against and on the north wall stands rows upon rows of armour stands and weapon racks, holding almost every type of armour and weapon imaginable. Hearing a slam you notice that the hole in the West Wall that you used as an entrance has now slammed shut, trapping you in the Bore-Hole until you defeat Paarnax, or die trying. Looking down, you see that you have mysteriously been stripped of all your weapons and armour you had before you entered this room. There are two other ways to exit the room, one is the passage way to the South, which you see ends at a door and also has an indentation halfway down on the left, which you assume is another doorway. There is also a door in the Eastern wall that no doubt leads to a passageway beyond.

It is, perhaps, the lone picture frame on the Southern wall that intrigues you the most, and indeed most of you crowd around it. In the picture frame there is a map, supposedly showing the entire dungeon. The room you are in is labeled the 'Starting Room' and there is another chamber in the North-East corner of the map titled 'Paarnax's Lair' your ultimate destination perhaps. Taking a look at the map some of you recognize two of the rooms which are meant to hold treasure, although it is strange that your sources, reliable ones at that, told you that Paarnax had split his hoard into seven pieces, yet including his lair, only three of those places appeared on the map.

It is, of no worry, for surely you will succeed and defeat Paarnax. After all, What Are The Chances Of This Happening Again?"

Map: ((Will make it an actual image instead of a link once I work out how to do it))

You may now take your first round of actions. Remember you can also talk, set up parties, find allies and friends or whatever. Just make it clear what your action is for this (and each) round.

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