Subject: Davug shakes off the enforced paralysis and advances on the Zombie Lord, wielding both weapons.
Posted on: 2016-12-27 23:33:03 UTC

He may or may not be cursing the random die roll that forced him to stand by while the zombie charged by him, even though he was attempting to keep watch. Meanwhile, Virro, who was most certainly not cowering, backs away from the Zombie Lord and begins firing arrows at the creature. "I see this is what you meant. I suppose this new, more powerful version of undead requires more finesse to control," he mutters. He uses his magic to probe the Zombie Lord and see if there are any special techniques he can find while that will give him an edge if he ever finds another of these things. He also makes a note to thank Keegra for interfering on his behalf after he gets rid of this monster. Meanwhile, Shaban does nothing, because he is not about to risk his master's new loot.

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